Published on October 16, 2015

Senior health: Three keys to aging well

Americans are living longer than ever before.

seniors cyclingBut what’s the secret to healthy aging?

Two of our geriatricians share these tips to help you stay well and get better care:

  1. Keep moving and engaged. “My healthiest patients are the ones who remain the most active,” says Lee Celio, MD. “They’re out there walking every day, and they’re active socially.” Being active with other seniors, visiting community centers or spending time with family are some ways to stay connected. “You have to resist sitting and watching TV all day and isolating yourself,” Dr. Celio says.
  2. Get checkups. You might figure, I’m healthy. Why bother? “But by the time you do go to the doctor because you have a minor symptom you’ve been putting off, it could be a major problem,” says Stanley Depman, MD. You might add years to your life by discovering something easily treatable you didn’t even know you had, he says.
  3. Choose a doctor you’re comfortable with. It might help you to ask questions and make informed decisions. “What’s more, you shouldn’t feel hesitant to call your doctor if you have a problem. If you truly have a good rapport with your physician, he’s not going to think you’re a bother,” Dr. Celio says.

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