Published on February 06, 2012

Q&A: Heart care Dr. Cheryl Leddy

Dr. Leddy talks about why she loves working at Nazareth.

Cheryl LeddyQ. What is your position at Nazareth Hospital?

I am a clinical noninvasive cardiologist in private practice and the physician leader of Nazareth’s “Get with the Guidelines” congestive heart failure program. I also supervise and support Nazareth’s Cardiac Ultrasonographers (technicians who perform the ultrasounds).

Q. What do you like most about working at Nazareth?

Many of our patients are also part of the hospital family. I consider myself to be in service to the community, and I’m grateful to be part of their lives. The sense of belonging is very strong, and I have the opportunity to know many patients and their families very well.

Q. Tell us about the Nazareth cardiac care team.

The hospital staff are extremely talented and very professional. I came to Nazareth from an academic medical school position and I’ve been impressed with the Nazareth staff’s high demands for quality care and courtesy to their patients. The echocardiograph technicians are excellent—just as good as any I’ve worked with at the medical centers. The entire catheterization lab team is superb and I encourage my friends and family to have studies performed here.

Q. Why choose Nazareth for heart care?

The cardiac care at Nazareth offers high-quality service and courtesy.