Published on March 16, 2017

Our Emergency Department is now more senior-friendly

multi ethnic seniorsHere’s good news if you’re an older adult who has ever felt lost in the hustle and bustle of a hospital emergency department: Nazareth Hospital has been making changes to its Emergency Department so that it’s easier for you to use.

The changes start outside the Emergency Department doors, with special parking areas for those 65 and older. Inside, you might notice that signs are easier to read, thanks to new larger lettering.

When you get to the front desk, a staff member will direct you to an area of the Emergency Department designed with seniors in mind. There you’ll find things like comfy chairs designed specifically for older bodies and no-glare floors, which help prevent falls.

“You might call it a ‘seniors-only’ area of the Emergency Department,” says Kelly Herninko, MSN, RN, Director of Nursing, Critical Care, Medical Surgical and Emergency Services. “Our community contains a large senior population. We want them to know we’re very dedicated to caring for their health.”

A nurse navigator also visits with every Emergency Department patient who is 65 and older. If the person is admitted to the hospital, the nurse navigator will help make sure the patient gets needed care on discharge. If the person isn’t admitted, the nurse navigator will ensure the patient has what he or she needs to stay safe at home.

“All of this highlights the reverence we have for our patients,” Kelly says. “And it really ties into our overall mission.”