Published on February 07, 2014

Nutritional support for cancer treatment at Nazareth Hospital

Eat well and maintain a healthy weight throughout treatment

Mercy Cancer Center at Nazareth Hospital has now added a nutritional support and screening service for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

All patients receiving chemotherapy at the hospital are now being screened to make sure they are eating well and maintaining a healthy weight throughout their treatment.

“We think nutrition is a very important component of quality cancer care,” says Lewis Rose, MD, an oncologist at Nazareth Hospital. “Patients need to be well nourished to most effectively fight their cancer.”

As part of an initial screening, patients are offered information on how to maintain a healthy weight throughout their treatment. If weight loss or any other nutrition-related problems arise, a patient is referred to a registered dietitian.

“We can develop an individualized plan to meet each patient’s needs,” says Stephanie Clarke, RD, clinical nutrition manager at Nazareth Hospital. “With everything cancer patients must endure during treatment, we don’t want them to have to struggle with weight loss.”

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