Published on July 20, 2015

Mercy Primary Care at Gloria Dei Estates

Doctors right on your home street

Doctor stethoscopeYou wake up feeling sick one morning. Instead of driving across town, wouldn’t it be nice if you could open your front door, step outside and within a minute or two receive expert medical care from a physician?

If you’re a resident at Gloria Dei Estates, that type of convenient care is now a possibility. This spring, Mercy Primary Care at Gloria Dei opened to serve residents of the senior community.

Located within a renovated apartment on the grounds, family medicine physician Helen Thorpe, MD, sees patients three times a week at Gloria Dei. She also practices across the street at Mercy Primary Care at Rhawn. Her colleague, Joan Addley, DO, sees patients at both locations too.

Same-day service

The new location at Gloria Dei means residents no longer have to cross busy Rhawn Street. “Part of taking care of people in the community is making sure we are as accessible to patients as possible,” Dr. Thorpe says.

“We opened the office at Gloria Dei to be more convenient for those folks who actually live in The Estates,” she says. “They have a choice of seeing us there or at our office on Rhawn Street.”

But even if you’re not a regular patient, they’d be happy to help anytime you need—even the same day you’re taken ill. Say you have a sore throat. You might not even have to step outside to be seen swiftly.* Just take the elevator from your room.

“You can come down and see us in your pajamas,” Dr. Thorpe says with a chuckle. “We won’t judge you.”

*Check with your insurance company to make sure your visit is covered.