Published on January 05, 2015

Learn your breast cancer risk

women's armsNazareth radiologists calculate a Gail score for every digital mammogram they read

The facts are compelling: Regular mammograms can often find very small tumors long before they can be felt or cause symptoms.

Early detection allows for more treatment options. In fact, the 5-year survival rate for women with early-stage breast cancer is close to 100%.

Diane Robinson, MD, a board-certified gynecologist at Nazareth Hospital, has seen women experience the reality of these facts many times over during her medical career. That’s why she’s an enthusiastic advocate of regular breast cancer screenings that include mammograms and more.

“There are actually three parts to a complete screening routine: mammogram, clinical breast examination and breast self-examination,” she says. “Together, they give a woman the best chance to find something unusual that needs to be investigated further.”

Nazareth radiologists provide additional information by calculating a Gail score for every digital mammogram they read.

This score estimates a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer within her lifetime. If the score exceeds certain guidelines, it is recommended that the woman receive a screening MRI of the breast and a mammogram every year. Together, they can provide helpful information for high-risk women.

“Breast health is an important part of general health,” says Dr. Robinson. “Just as we check for and treat diabetes or high blood pressure, we take steps to help you maintain good health overall. If we do find something, we make sure it’s properly treated so you can continue to enjoy your life.”

Get Screened

  • Mammogram – All women should have one annually starting at age 40.
  • Clinical Breast Examination – Annually by a healthcare professional, starting at age 20.
  • Breast Self-Examination Monthly – About one week after a menstrual cycle or on a specific day of the month for postmenopausal women.

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