Published on July 20, 2015

Hip help: Find specialist joint repair at Nazareth Hospital

Any time you break a bone, it’s serious.

But you may not know how serious a broken hip is.

Hip fractures can be deadly. They make it hard to move. And that can lead to more problems, such as bedsores, blood clots and pneumonia. In an older person with other health problems, it’s a lot to overcome.

There is help, though. And some of the best around can be found at Nazareth Hospital.

On the mend

There are two main treatments for hip fractures: repair and hip replacement. “The best treatment really depends on the type of break a person has,” explains William V. Arnold, MD, PhD, Joint Replacement Specialist at the Rothman Institute at Nazareth Hospital and Chairman of Nazareth’s Surgery Department.

Fractures that occur on the lower part of the upper femur (thigh bone) can often be repaired with screws and rods or plates. But those that occur closer to the top of the femur usually require hip replacement.

In most cases, the sooner surgery is done, the better people do, according to Dr. Arnold and other experts.

After surgery, you’ll stay one to two days in the hospital before starting physical therapy. And the key to recovery? “Follow the post-surgery instructions and physical therapy recommendations,” Dr. Arnold says. “Most patients will progress very well if they do that.”

Keep on Moving

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