Published on April 06, 2015

Nazareth Hospital and St. Mary partner for cardiac care

st maryA heart attack can happen at any time—morning, noon or night.

But no matter when it strikes, Nazareth Hospital is ready with its fully equipped, cardiac catheterization lab.

That heart-saving lab is now staffed with an expanded team of specialists as a result of a partnership between Nazareth and St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. Both hospitals are part of Trinity Health. Through this partnership, patients also will have access to the cardiothoracic surgery and electrophysiology programs at St. Mary.

Growing to meet your needs

“Nazareth has always provided excellent cardiac care,” says Mrugesh Patel, MD, PhD. “This partnership just expands on that care.”

“As we became part of a bigger parent organization, it just made sense for the sister hospitals to interact, especially on the services that we provide in common.” explains Dr. Patel, who was named Medical Director of Nazareth’s Heart and Vascular Lab in late 2014.

“We’re bringing in a team of physicians with many years of experience to join the cardiologists who are already there and doing a great job,” he says. “We’re very excited.”

Specialists at work

heart clockDoctors who treat patients in the cath lab are known as interventional cardiologists. They specialize in diagnosing and treating heart problems—including opening the blocked arteries that trigger heart attacks—using procedures such as angioplasty and stenting instead of surgery. They can also use those procedures to open blocked arteries elsewhere in the body, including the legs and kidneys.

Our cardiac catheterization lab is fully equipped to receive and care for heart attack patients all day, every day.

Meet the experts

The interventional cardiologists joining Dr. Patel and the cardiology team at Nazareth are:

  • David W. Drucker, MD
  • Ronald H. Fields, MD
  • George Patrick Heyrich, MD
  • Syed Hussain, MD
  • Rakesh R. Shah, MD
  • Sunder Venkatesulu, MD