Avoid bone fractures through balance training

Let Nazareth help you learn how to prevent a fall.

woman balanceHip fractures and other injuries from falls are major health risks. One of the best ways to prevent a fall is to improve your balance.

“If a patient suffers a hip fracture, it’s not just a health problem, it’s a threat to life,” says Stuart Scherr, MD, Director of the Balance Program at Nazareth Hospital Center for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Balance.

“We evaluate a patient’s abilities and use physical therapy and computer-based testing to check their sway, measure their stability and look at other potential factors,” says Dr. Scherr. “Then we set out a plan to strengthen these things.”

The results of the balance program can be dramatic.

“One of my favorite stories was from an older woman who just wanted to start bowling again, so we were thrilled when she finally accomplished that goal," he said.

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