Published on July 17, 2018

A vision for the future

New president shares his commitment to the hospital and community

Michael MagroIf you wonder just how much Michael Magro Jr., DO, MBA, FACOI, Nazareth Hospital’s new president, believes in the quality of care at Nazareth, here’s an insight: His father, battling cancer, was recently a patient at the hospital. “The care is so exceptional,” he says. “I just didn’t want him anywhere else.”

Dr. Magro himself—a board-certified internist with an MBA in health administration—doesn’t want to be anywhere but here either. “I grew up in Northeast Philly,” he says. “And I want to give back to our community.”

Dr. Magro has been doing that at Nazareth for several years now. From 2015 until this July—when he took over his new post—Dr. Magro was vice president of medical affairs at Nazareth. Under his leadership:

Nazareth launched its first residency programs, establishing itself as an academic medical center. This distinction helps hospitals recruit and retain highly skilled physicians.

The hospital lowered its readmission rates by seeing that patients treated for heart attacks, heart failure and other serious health problems have all the support they need to get better after discharge.

As for the future, Dr. Magro is committed to improving patient care. For example, he wants to establish:

A cardiac rehabilitation program to help people recovering from heart problems live longer and better lives.

A comprehensive women’s health center with different specialists under one roof. “This one-stop shop for busy area women will allow them to meet most of their medical needs at one time—instead of seeing different doctors at different times,” Dr. Magro says.

“My goal is to expand the services we provide at Nazareth and to continue to make our care patient-centered,” Dr. Magro says. “Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safest care for the broadest number of people, including those in need.”