Published on October 10, 2016

A move in the right direction

How our life-changing bariatric surgery program might help you

Woman on scaleYou’ve tried again and again to lose weight. But the scale barely budges. You’re still severely overweight—and possibly living with a serious health problem because of those extra pounds.

Sound familiar? Then the bariatric surgery program at Nazareth Hospital could help you finally succeed at shedding weight.

Patterned after the award-winning Mercy Bariatrics program at Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia, Nazareth’s bariatric program offers access to a variety of minimally invasive weight-loss surgeries that can help change your life.

Bariatric surgery can result in a dramatic weight loss. But it does far more than alter your appearance. It can help you lead a healthier, longer life. Consider:

  • It can reduce your risk of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.
  • In many cases, it can send those problems into remission if you already have them. For example,

“After surgery, blood sugar quickly returns to normal in most people with diabetes,” says Abhiman Cheeyandira, MD, MRCS, a bariatric surgeon at Nazareth Hospital.

Support at every step

Still, weight-loss surgery is a big commitment. “It’s never a quick fix,” stresses Linda Keller-Doyle, PTA, MS, Program Coordinator for Mercy Bariatrics. “To keep pounds from returning, you need to commit to healthy habits.”

That’s why the bariatric program at Nazareth offers:

  • Counseling to make sure surgery is the right choice for you
  • One-on-one guidance from a dietitian before and after surgery to help prepare you for your new way of eating
  • Referrals to nearby exercise programs to help you be active and fit
  • Bariatric support groups so you connect with other people opting for weight-loss surgery

The team that goes the extra mile with you

If you turn to Nazareth Hospital for weight-loss surgery, you can count on a whole team of caring professionals to support you throughout your weight-loss journey.

Piotr (Pete) Krecioch, MD
Prashanth Ramachandra, MD
Abhiman Cheeyandira, MD, MRCS
Linda Keller-Doyle, PTA, MS
Helene Waisbord, RD, LDN