Published on April 09, 2012

Our sports medicine specialists have you covered

The sports medicine specialists at Mercy Philadelphia care for athletes at every level, from Overbrook High School basketball and football stars to on-the go baby boomers with achy joints.

Knee pain“We manage the non-operative component of Orthopedics, because not every injury or joint pain requires surgery,” says sports medicine specialist Luis A. Rodriguez, MD, an internist and Overbrook’s team physician.

A prescription for physical therapy, for example, can apply to competitive athletes as well as patients with osteoarthritis, a joint disease that affects 27 million Americans. “We can often help our patients postpone and sometimes prevent a surgical intervention,” says Dr. Rodriguez, who is dual board certified in internal medicine and primary care sports medicine.

Team Players

With its focus on bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, the sports medicine team also sees patients with orthopedic complaints. “We’ll give our patients a full physical exam and point them in the right direction, often beginning with specialized medical or physical therapy,” Dr. Rodriguez explains. “If surgery is required, we channel these patients to our highly-qualified orthopedic surgeons and monitor their progress along the way.”

Surgical procedures performed at Mercy Philadelphia include ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, joint replacement and treatment for fracture.

Prevention is another key aspect of the sports medicine program, beginning with pre-participation physical exams for athletes of any age.