Published on March 01, 2016

No waiting for cancer care

You have cancer.

No one wants to hear that. And they certainly don’t want to hear this next:

The cancer doctor can’t see you for a month.

Drs. appointmentFortunately, that won’t happen at Mercy Philadelphia. You’re more likely to hear that the doctor can see you today or tomorrow. Not next month or even next week.

“When a patient hears the word cancer, they don’t want to have to wait,” says Michele Zappile-Lucis, DPT, OCS, administrative director of Oncology (cancer care) at Mercy Philadelphia. “They want to come in, see a doctor, get a treatment plan and get it taken care of.”

In a recent 90-day period at the hospital, new patients were typically able to get an appointment in less than one day, Michele says.

“I think it helps make the patient feel more comfortable that somebody is taking care of their disease quickly,” she says.

“Am I still going to be stressed that I have cancer? Yes,” Michele adds. “But now I know there is a team taking care of me. And they’re taking care of me fast. We’re not waiting for a tumor to grow or for the cancer to spread somewhere else.”

Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer can call this hotline number to get an appointment: 215.748.9530.