Published on October 10, 2016

Mercy Philadelphia’s new interventional cardiologist helps heal hearts—without surgery

Dr. Momplaisir mends hearts using minimally invasive techniques.

And he’s bringing his expertise to Mercy Philadelphia.

Dr. MomplaisirDr. Thierry Momplaisir comes from Lourdes Cardiology in New Jersey, joining Mercy Philadelphia through a new affiliation with the Lourdes Cardiovascular Institute, and has been an interventional cardiologist for 10 years. He oversees the Cardiac Cath Lab at Mercy Fitzgerald, which serves both hospitals.

Healing and empowering

Interventional cardiologists like Dr. Momplaisir guide catheters through tiny incisions. This is how they diagnose or treat heart or blood vessel problems without surgery.

This technique may be used to:

  • Treat heart attacks by opening blocked arteries
  • Diagnose blockages in people with chest pain
  • Repair holes in the heart
  • Treat blocked neck arteries in certain cases

Dr. Momplaisir specializes in treating poor circulation to the legs, including performing limb-sparing procedures. And he has done many TAVR procedures, a newer technique for repairing aortic heart valves when surgery might be too risky.

Beyond his work in the cath lab, Dr. Momplaisir looks forward to empowering people to take better care of their hearts.

“My passion is to improve the quality of healthcare and access to care within the community,” he says.