Published on October 16, 2015

Help your heart beat normally

Electricity doesn’t just power our modern world.

heart rhythmIt’s the energy that keeps your heart beating at the right rhythm and rate.

But a condition called arrhythmia can disrupt the function of your heart’s electrical system. “It causes a beat that’s too fast, too slow or out of sync,” says Marino Leonardi, MD, a cardiologist and electrophysiologist at Mercy Philadelphia.

Is your rhythm off?

If you have a heart rhythm disorder or symptoms of one, specialists at Mercy Philadelphia can help. Managing an arrhythmia could help you enjoy life with fewer symptoms. It can also prevent more serious complications.

For example, we can help with:

  • Noninvasive tests. These detect what type of arrhythmia you have. That way we’ll tailor a treatment specifically for you. One test involves wearing a device called a Holter or event monitor. It records your heart’s electrical activity. “This helps us know what type of irregular heartbeat we’re dealing with,” Dr. Leonardi says.
  • Getting a pacemaker. This implanted device can correct slow heartbeats.
  • Follow-up care. Your cardiologist will want to check how well treatments are working.

Ask your doctor whether you should get your heart checked. A wide range of specialty cardiac services are available here and close by at Mercy Fitzgerald.