Published on October 10, 2016

Heart valve problems: Solutions found here

Sorting through treatment options for a heart valve that isn’t working right can be overwhelming.

Is medicine enough to ease symptoms such as shortness of breath? Or is it time to have surgery to repair or replace a faulty valve?

Dr. MisrahiIf you’re wrestling with questions like these, there’s a place to turn for expert help close to home: our Cardiac Valve Center at Mercy Philadelphia. A whole team of specialists at the center will develop your best treatment plan.

Among them: a cardiologist, an interventional cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon.

Their expertise is crucial, since “valve problems can be very complex,” says Eddy Mizrahi, MD, Medical Director of the center.

You—and your family—will meet with the entire team to thoroughly discuss your treatment plan and options. “This isn’t hello, goodbye, you have a valve problem,”

Dr. Mizrahi says. “Just the opposite. We don’t let any question or concern go unanswered.”

Still another plus: Our center’s nurse navigator will personally assist you with every step of your treatment plan, from scheduling tests to arranging transportation.

And if surgery is the right answer, that will take place at the Mercy Fitzgerald, Campus.