Published on March 25, 2013

Double knee total joint replacement for Viola Ryder

Mercy offers complete package for successful knee replacement.

Viola RyderFor 20 years Viola Ryder lived with “knee trouble.” Eventually, just getting around became difficult for the 72-year-old woman, but she was hesitant to have both knees replaced at once.

“My friends told me I should do it now while I can still enjoy life,” Viola says.

It was reassuring for her to know that Mercy Orthopedic Surgeon Menachem Meller, MD, PhD, could do the surgery. “My cousin told me about a woman who had both knees replaced by Dr. Meller and was doing great. Then one day at outpatient therapy, this young man talked to me,” she recalls.

That young man was 55-year-old Melvin Harley, who had been in a lot of pain before having a bilateral (double) knee replacement.

“I told her about my constant pain and how now, there’s no more pain,” Melvin says.

Melvin described how everything he needed for a successful recovery and rehabilitation was available at Mercy. “It is so much better when someone talks to you who has been through it,” Viola says.

Complete Program of Care

Mercy offers everything patients like Viola need for successful knee replacement, from surgery to inpatient and outpatient rehab and home care provided by Mercy Home Health. Mercy Philadelphia’s comprehensive treatment program begins with an initial evaluation followed by educational joint replacement classes and a detailed cardiac and medical clearance.

“The mission of our team is to put you at ease and guide you through the process,” Dr. Meller says.

The orthopedic team begins with Danielle Johnson, who schedules your appointment, and Tyra Ruffin, who directs you through the process and schedules your procedure. Then, a certified physician assistant staffs the joint replacement classes and participates in the daily details of the procedure.

“We meet daily to monitor progress and attend to the patient’s needs,” says Dr. Meller.“It is not about the replacement, it’s about the person.”

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing how patients like Melvin support and encourage others like Viola. It’s our best compliment when patients refer their friends and family to us, Dr. Meller adds.