Published on October 14, 2013

Mercy Philadelphia is using top technology to check for cancer

Imaging technology can now detect cancer in its earliest stages.

Offering everything from MRI scanning and X-rays to CT scans and digital mammography, the Radiology Department at Mercy Philadelphia is comparable to the best imaging providers in the region.

For example, for early detection of breast cancer, screening mammograms are the gold standard. Caroline Ho, MD, Mercy Philadelphia’s director of breast imaging, stresses regular mammograms, beginning at age 40 for most women.

“Regular screening mammography helps detect cancer earlier when it’s more treatable,” Dr. Ho says. And getting screened is a snap: “The appointment takes less than an hour,” she points out.

CT scanning is also proving to be an incredibly useful tool in detecting lung and colon cancer in its earliest stages.

“CT screening for lung cancer is relatively new,” explains Oleg Teytelboym, MD, a cancer imaging specialist at Mercy Philadelphia. “Research has shown advantages over X-ray screening, which tends to find lung cancer when it’s far advanced.”

Virtual colonoscopy uses CT scanning to check for polyps non-invasively. It’s an option for frail patients or those who have trouble with conventional colonoscopy, Dr. Teytelboym says.

“Screening for colon cancer should begin at 50,” he says, “and at age 45 for African Americans.”

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