Published on February 10, 2014

Confused about your medications? Mercy Philadelphia is Here to Help

Mercy Philadelphia helps patients manage their medications.

med bottles“You’ll be going home tomorrow.” For most hospital patients, those are welcome words. But for some patients with chronic health problems that require multiple medications, going home can be an anxious time. Taking the right medications at the right time and taking them consistently can be difficult without help. That’s why Mercy Philadelphia partnered with Mercy Home Health, SunRay Drugs, the University of Sciences College of Pharmacy, and Keystone First to ensure patients have help managing their medications.

Education is key

“It’s a real team effort,” says Thomas Turco, PharmD, Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator at Mercy Philadelphia. “Any member of the healthcare team can enroll a patient for the services of our medication management program.”

Services start by explaining the purpose of each medication and why it’s important to take it as directed. “Patients are generally very receptive, because they realize that the more they know, the better they’ll do,” says Rosemarie Riggio, RN, Mercy Home Health Referral Specialist Supervisor.

SunRay provides value-added services, such as delivering the first 30 days of medication to the patient before hospital discharge.

“The SunRay pharmacist is vital to helping patients make the transition from hospital to home,” says Tom. Also, a pharmacist from the College of Pharmacy counsels each patient and reviews their medications, even contacting the patient's physician if changes are necessary.

“We make sure that every patient leaving Mercy Philadelphia obtains the support they need to stay as healthy as possible and minimize the chance of being hospitalized again,” Tom says.

“In addition to the health benefits, it makes the patient and family feel good that they’re not alone,” adds Rose. “We don’t stop caring about them when they leave the hospital.”

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