Published on February 06, 2012

Cardiac diagnostics

24 hours/day Consultations in the Mercy Philadelphia ED.

ekg resultsThe earlier cardiovascular disease is detected, the more effective treatment becomes. In many cases, medical intervention can prevent or reduce further deterioration of the heart and vessels. That’s why Mercy Philadelphia combines diagnostic excellence with time-saving procedures that allow results to quickly reach your doctor.

“The cardiology center at Mercy Philadelphia offers a wide array of advanced technology and skilled experts who can provide early diagnosis and treatment of many common heart disorders,” says David Addley, DO, cardiologist and internist at Mercy Philadelphia. “Our diagnostic studies can typically be performed and read by the cardiologist within 24 hours. We work to maintain the highest level of diagnostic expertise.”

Consultations with cardiac specialists are available 24 hours a day in the Emergency Department. And Mercy Philadelphia’s cardiologists help their patients prevent and manage cardiac-related conditions and risk factors such as heart failure, hypertension, weight loss, smoking cessation and high cholesterol.

Cardiac diagnostic technology includes:

  • Echocardiography
  • Holter monitoring
  • Nuclear stress testing, performed in cooperation with the nuclear medicine department

“The Cardiology Department also uses the advanced technology of the Philips EnConcert Echo Image Management System for improved echocardiogram acquisition and archiving,” says Dr. Addley. “The result is better image quality, image analysis, and faster reporting to physicians of patient data, resulting in improved patient care,” he says. “Our patients come first.”