Published on February 06, 2012

We help manage the pieces of your heart-health puzzle

heart puzzleAt the Mercy Philadelphia Community Outreach Center, the trained nurses and educators make strong connections.

“We get to know people on a personal level,” says Kay Stephens, community outreach director. “When we know you, we can help you work on disease management with all of your challenges in mind, not just on one piece of the health puzzle.”

In the case of heart health, the center addresses many pieces of that puzzle, such as diabetes, smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. “We support people with regular screenings, health education classes and tools such as the free pedometers we were recently able to provide along with our walking exercise education program,” Stephens says.

The 20-year-old center, which recently moved to 5352 Cedar Avenue, will see anyone in the West and Southwest Philadelphia area free of charge. “We are conveniently close to Mercy Philadelphia, and we direct people to hospital support programs as well,” says Stephens. “We also have very close relationships with the physicians. We can help you maintain the health program that you and your doctor started together.”

Some center offerings:

  • Quit Smoking Comfortably programs
  • Diabetes Education Series
  • Monthly walk-in blood pressure screenings and education
  • Comprehensive Stroke Program including screenings

For more information, call Community Outreach Services at 215.748.9600.