Published on July 15, 2013

Yoga for seniors at Mercy LIFE

Chair yoga keeps senior citizens fit and healthy.

Senior yogaThere is a “kind essence” that fills the room during chair yoga classes at the Mercy LIFE Day Centers. That’s because yoga instructor Kind Essence brings so much joy into the lives of her students.

“Our participants just love her,” says Elizabeth Johnson, a Mercy LIFE Recreation Therapy Supervisor. “She always has new music and props to make the class more interesting.” Chair yoga is a perfect practice for older adults who may not have the strength for a traditional yoga class, but still want to improve their overall fitness and quality of life.

“Chair yoga offers the same great benefits of any yoga practice,” says Kind Essence. “It helps seniors release stress, ease aches and pains and live healthier, happier lives.” The practice can also improve balance, which in turn can prevent falls.

“Our program is called LIFE, which stands for Living Independently for Elders,” explains Caitlin Gunnells, a Mercy LIFE Recreation Therapy Supervisor. “Yoga can help older adults remain independent longer, as well as control high blood pressure, depression, pain, sleep disturbances and stress.”