Published on April 03, 2017

The healing power of faith

Mercy LIFE is committed to meeting the needs of participants.

And that includes their spiritual needs.

Holding senior's hands“We serve the whole person,” says Sister Rayleen Giannotti, RSM, Vice President of Mission Integration for Mercy LIFE. “We know that for the vast majority of our participants, faith is crucial. It’s their bedrock.”

That’s why all of our centers offer nondenominational prayer services. Some offer Bible study too.

Sister Rayleen is also ready to provide spiritual care whenever a participant asks for it. “I often journey with people as they are living with a big loss and a lot of grief,” she says. “I help them touch into their faith and invite God into their sadness, which I believe deepens their relationship with God.”

A bounty of blessings

Access to spiritual care services helps participants express their faith and be comforted by it. A belief in a higher power can even help them stay healthy, emotionally and physically. Studies show spiritual beliefs help people:

  • Improve their sense of well-being
  • Ease their anxiety and depression
  • Cope better with illness and pain
  • Stay well and heal faster, possibly by reducing stress

“Even in the most difficult times, faith can give us incredible hope,” Sister Rayleen says. “And that’s such a blessing.”