Published on October 23, 2017

Staying strong—and spreading God’s love

On Monday or Wednesday morning, it’s easy to spot Isaac.

That’s him surrounded by a dozen or so fellow participants at the Mercy LIFE North Hancock Adult Day Center.

Isaac PowellYou might even hear him before you see him as he leads the Bible study group, which he started last spring, in a joyful gospel song.

“I think God set it up so I had to go through my struggles,” Isaac says. “They got me to this wonderful place. Now I can share God’s love.”

Those struggles began in September 2016, when Isaac—who has epilepsy—had a seizure in his Philadelphia home. Blacking out, he fell backward down 13 steps.

Isaac Powell, 87, broke three ribs and nearly died from a concussion. Hospitalized three times, he was in and out of rehab. And when he finally returned to the home he shares with his wife, Glorian, he arrived in a wheelchair.

But now—after a referral to Mercy LIFE last April—Isaac mostly uses a walker. He also needs far fewer visits from a home health aide to stay independent at home. The physical and occupational therapy he receives at Mercy LIFE has made the difference.

“Isaac came here weak and fatigued,” says Gloria Moncivais, MSSW, LSW, a Mercy LIFE social worker. “Now he’s walking and thriving.”

The change in his life is a blessing Isaac wants others to know about. “This is such a one-of-a-kind, caring place,” he says. “I tell so many friends who are struggling to stay in their home that Mercy LIFE could help them so much.”