Published on March 14, 2016

Stay well-connected

What do computers and cellphones have in common? 

Both can help you stay in touch with family and friends. And both can connect you to services you might need.

Woman on cellphone“It’s difficult for a lot of seniors to get out into the community,” says Meagan Moody, a social worker at Mercy LIFE. For some, it’s because they’re disabled. They might not see, hear or walk well, for instance. Others don’t have cars.

“You can become pretty isolated,” Moody says. “But a computer or a phone opens up a lot of possibilities.”

Costs can be a concern, of course. Computers and cellphones are often pricey. But resources are available that make both easy on the wallet:

Free phones. A federal program provides free cellphones to people who qualify. “That’s what most of my clients use,” Moody says. To learn more about the program, call Mercy LIFE at 215.339.4747.

Free computer use. Mercy LIFE has computers at each center that are free to use by its members. Libraries have free computers too.

Free computer classes. Never used a computer? You can learn how for no cost at Delaware Community College. Call 610.359.5025. Ask about classes through their Over 60 program.