Published on July 17, 2018

Stay safe in summer’s heat

It’s summertime, and that means one thing ...

Lots of hot, sizzling days.

Senior woman with glass of waterAll that sweltering heat can make you miserable. And if you’re not careful, it can also make you sick.

It’s called heat-related illness. And it can cause you to feel dizzy, weak and sick to your stomach. It can even lead to heat stroke, a very serious condition that can be deadly.

“Older adults are at especially high risk of getting heat illness,” says Bharati Srivastava, MD, Mercy LIFE Sharon Hill. “Which is why you need to do your best to stay cool.”

These tips can help:

Drink plenty of fluids. Water, juice or other liquids without caffeine or alcohol are a good choice. Check with your doctor about how much to drink if you’ve been told to limit liquids.

Stay out of the sun. If you need to run errands, do so in the cooler part of the morning.

Dress comfortably. Wear loose, light-colored clothes, which absorb less heat.
Seek shelter. If it’s too hot at home, go to an air-conditioned place, such as a library, a movie theater or a Mercy LIFE Day Center.

Keep your home cool. Close the curtains or blinds in the middle of the day. Try to prepare meals without using your oven.