Published on October 24, 2018

New Mercy LIFE Center opens in Norristown

Where would you rather be as you get older?

Dining roomYour home, where everything is familiar? Or a nursing home, no matter how well it’s run?

For most of us, the answer is clear: Being able to stay at home is the best choice. And the newly opened Mercy LIFE Day Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania, can help make that happen.

It’s Mercy LIFE’s first Day Center in Montgomery County.

“But just like our other four centers, this provides comprehensive care to help frail seniors remain independent,” says Suzanne Januszeski, BSN, RN, Mercy LIFE Regional Director. These seniors face health challenges—from memory loss to severe heart disease—and often need help bathing, dressing or cooking.

At all the Mercy LIFE Day Centers, program members benefit from:

  • A day program with recreational and social activities. There’s a wide range of activities, including crafts, memory-enhancing games and live entertainment.
  • Medical care. A whole team of doctors, nurses and therapists is on-site to help seniors be as healthy as possible and regain lost skills, strength and mobility.
  • Support services. Home services, such as help with personal care, can be arranged.
  • Transportation to and from the Center.

Highly personalized care

“We ask every new program member who turns to us, ‘What do you want to gain from this program?’” Suzanne says. “And then we create a personalized care plan with meaningful, realistic goals.”

In her 12 years with Mercy LIFE, Suzanne has seen numerous seniors meet those goals.

“I’ve seen seniors who came to us in wheelchairs who can now walk,” she says. “Can they run a 5K race? No. But they can move well enough to get their morning cereal or even take a short walk around their neighborhood. While that may seem simple, they’ve gained an independence that was once lost.”