Published on August 27, 2012

Mercy LIFE helps seniors live better with illness

Dr. MingleMercy LIFE provides complete medical care for seniors with difficult medical problems. We work as a team to help our patients reach these goals:

  • Keep illness under control
  • Live independently
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital visits

At the three LIFE Day Centers in Philadelphia, patients can see their doctor, nurses, therapists and social workers. They can make friends, enjoy activities and eat hot meals. LIFE offers transportation to the Day Centers and to other medical appointments. LIFE nurses and other care experts also visit patients in the home.

This special care pays off for everyone, says LIFE doctor David Mingle, MD. “As a LIFE doctor, I have the support I need to keep my patients healthy. We can set up visits from a nurse, physical therapist or a home health aide if necessary. If I need to send my patients for tests like an X-ray, I can make sure they get there safely.”

And medications are all managed at the Day Centers. “Some patients take their medications at the Day Center, and some have them delivered to the home,” says Dr. Mingle. “Either way, LIFE makes sure medications are managed properly.”

Goodbye Emergency Room!

A LIFE care plan worked very well for Maryanne Triadafillopoulus, who lives in Philadelphia. She suffers from a lung disease called COPD, as well as asthma and other serious illnesses. She was in the hospital so often that the emergency room staff knew her well. Finally, Maryanne was referred to the Mercy LIFE program. Now she’s seen by a LIFE team, including doctors, nurses, physical therapists and social workers.

“We work hard to stop the cycle of frequent hospital visits,” says Dr. Mingle, who is Maryanne’s doctor. “We tell our patients to call us right away if they aren’t feeling well. If they can’t make it to an appointment, we will check in with them. We are their partners in health.”

Total Support

After joining Mercy LIFE, Maryanne was able to stay out of the hospital for a full year. She began to enjoy social visits to a LIFE Day Center. LIFE also helped her find counseling for the stress and sadness that can be a part of living with an illness.

“The LIFE staff really does care about you,” says Maryanne. “They check in on me if I don’t make my appointments and they are there for me when I’m sick. They deliver my medication to my home every day. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Reach Out: Mercy LIFE has a lot to offer people living with serious illness. For more information, call us at 215.339.4747.