Published on October 24, 2018

Know your options for healthy fruits and veggies

Fruit in crateCorner markets are nice, but they don’t always carry the fresh fruits and vegetables that you need.

That’s why Mercy LIFE invites the Share Food Program to its Adult Day Centers several times a month.

“Share Food sells fresh fruits and vegetables to our program members at very affordable prices,” says Chanel Coleman, CTRS, Recreational Therapy Manager for Mercy LIFE. “And they love it. They really look forward to it.”

Mercy LIFE also arranges to take program members to a Walmart Supercenter or ShopRite about twice a month, Chanel says.

“We take those who don’t have family to shop for them or who can’t get to the stores themselves,” she says.

The dietary department also helps the seniors buy healthy foods online at stores that deliver.

Find What’s Fresh

To learn the seasons for fresh produce, go to Click on “What’s In Season.”

More helpful ideas

When shopping for produce at any kind of store—even your corner market—keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider canned and frozen fruits and veggies. They’re just as healthy as fresh—and they keep longer. Rinse canned veggies to help rid them of salt or buy ones with no salt added. Look for fruits canned in juice or water instead of sugary syrup. Buy plain frozen vegetables—pass on ones with sauces. And choose unsweetened frozen fruits.
  • Buy produce in season. Fresh fruits and vegetables cost less when bought in season.