Healthy living, healthy aging with Mercy LIFE

Eating healthy and exercises for the elderly

Fruit heartIt’s never too late for older adults to live healthier. Daisy Tran, CRNP, MSN, a Mercy LIFE nurse practitioner, offers some tips to help older adults thrive:

Be Happy

It’s important for older adults to stay positive and not become depressed. Mercy LIFE is great because it gives seniors a chance to meet and interact with others, says Tran. LIFE participants exercise their mind by playing games such as Sudoku, trivia and crossword puzzles. “The secret to aging gracefully is feeling fulfilled, both mentally and physically,” she notes.

Exercise Often

“I tell older adults to just keep moving,” says Tran. “As long as you’re moving, you are preventing muscles from wasting.” In nice weather, take a walk around the neighborhood, she suggests. If it’s icy and slippery outside, walk a few laps around your local mall and walk all of the levels.

Eat Well

“Eat lots of fruits and vegetables,” says Tran. “Stay away from processed foods.” And make sure aging seniors get plenty of calcium. “Drink lots of milk to keep bones strong,” says Tran. “Another easy option is tofu which is soft, easy to chew and high in calcium and protein. Tofu can replace meat in almost any recipe.”

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