Published on October 08, 2012

Fear of falling: Seniors stay steady with Mercy LIFE

snow footprintsOne fall can change a senior’s life. It can mean serious injury or loss of independence. “Some seniors can take up to six months to recover from a fall—even without an injury,” says Donna Raziano, MD, chief medical officer of Mercy LIFE. “Fear of another fall can be so overwhelming, it can keep a senior from getting out of bed.”

Mercy LIFE takes steps to lower the risk of falls for frail seniors. It makes sure they can find affordable, safe walking shoes. It performs home safety checks. And it offers therapy to help patients improve their balance. LIFE makes sure that walkers, braces and canes are used correctly. LIFE can also provide an escort to appointments.

To stay active, LIFE participants can even join a walking group at a LIFE Adult Day Center. “Our entire team works together to keep our program members standing steady,” Dr. Raziano says.

Outdoor Safety Tips For a Fall-Free Winter:

• Make sure outdoor railings are securely fastened.
• Railings should be installed on both sides of steps.
• Use your cane, walker or brace for every trip outside.
• Wear rubber-soled shoes.
• Store salt or sand inside the house, not outside, for use on icy walkways.
• Leave a walkway light on so it’s not dark when you come home.
• Have uneven walkways or stairs repaired.

Take an Online Tour: Watch a video tour of Mercy LIFE’s Adult Day Centers. Or call 215.339.4747 to schedule an on-site tour.