Published on March 27, 2018

An unexpected gift of love

Do you believe in love at first sight?

If you don’t, then you don’t know the story of Frank Buonadonna and Kathy Rohrer, two participants at the Mercy LIFE Broad Street Day Center.

Frank and Kathy“You know that old saying, there’s a lid for every pot?” Frank asks. “Well, I found my lid the moment I set eyes on Kathy.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that how they met was cute. When Frank arrived at the Center one fateful day in 2013, there was only one seat left in the dining room—right next to Kathy. The two chatted. There were no awkward pauses.

“I was smitten,” Frank recalls. “I knew she was the one then and there. I’d never met a warmer person.”

But while Kathy felt comfortable with Frank from the start, initially she was only interested in friendship. “That’s how I believe all relationships should start,” she says.

Over the course of three months, their friendship flourished—and Kathy was finally ready to meet Frank outside of the Center. Their first date: dinner at a fancy steak house. “I wasn’t a cheap date,” Kathy says. “He worked at winning my heart.”

And he did—completely.

“He’s very much a gentleman,” Kathy emphasizes. “He’s honest, loyal and a great listener.”

Frank and KathyThe couple are now engaged, and they share a home in South Philadelphia along with one other important family member: a Yorkie terrier named Max.

Neither expected this late life gift. Frank had been divorced for years; Kathy had never married.

“Mercy LIFE brought us together—and I love everything about it,” she says, speaking for both of them.

Then she adds, without hesitation, “especially Frank.”

Frank and Kathy found friendship and love at the Mercy LIFE Broad Street Day Center.