A road to heart health

Malcolm Jones suffered with breathing trouble and lung infections.

He was in and out of the hospital six times.

heart stethoscopeWith help from the Mercy LIFE program, he began receiving regular medical care.

Malcolm Jones has a goal; to take his 10-speed bike for a spin. A year ago, that goal didn’t seem remotely possible. The 75-year-old retired food service worker has heart and lung disease and was not doing well.

In 2011, Mr. Jones was on an oxygen tank and walking with a cane. He was in and out of the hospital six times with breathing troubles and lung infections. With help from the Mercy LIFE program, he began receiving regular medical care. “With encouragement from the LIFE team as well as Mr. Jones’ will to get better, he went from declining to thriving,” says LIFE clinic nurse Kimberli Brawner, BSN.

Mercy LIFE provides complete medical care for seniors who live at home with difficult health conditions. LIFE doctors and health staff work hard to keep LIFE patients out of the hospital. They keep illness under control by providing regular medical care and social services. This includes help with medications, food, physical therapy and in-home care services.

Success Story

Mr. Jones comes to the Grey’s Ferry LIFE Day Center twice per week. There, he sees his doctor, David Mingle, MD, and gets physical therapy and other medical care. As soon as Dr. Mingle or other LIFE staff see Mr. Jones having any sign of lung trouble, the doctor quickly prescribes treatment. Mr. Jones also participates in activities at the Day Center. Card games are one of his favorite pastimes there. “I enjoy visiting the Day Center,” he says.

Mr. Jones still carries oxygen, but his oxygen levels are greatly improved and he is not as dependent on it. He no longer needs a cane to walk safely. Today, getting back on his bike is beginning to look like a reality.

Mr. Jones’ wife, Annetta, is also a LIFE participant. The couple, who met at the original Horn & Hardart automat in Philadelphia, just celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary.

The care Mr. and Mrs. Jones receive at Mercy LIFE has allowed them to continue to live comfortably together at home. LIFE has set up Mr. Jones with Medisure, a medication dispenser that makes it easier to remember and take daily medications. On occasion, the couple has taken advantage of home health aides available through LIFE.

“Mercy LIFE has helped me build myself back up and gives me something to do,” says Mr. Jones. “I’d definitely recommend the LIFE program to others.”

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