Published on July 17, 2018

A full life once again

Ask Levera McGee how old she is, and she chuckles.

“That’s a good question,” she says, but quickly adds that she was born in 1935.

Ms. McGee, as she likes to be called, has been coming to Mercy LIFE’s Adult Day Center for two years. That was when she had a stroke and needed home care. But those in her family who might care for her all had jobs. So Ms. McGee began attending the Center.

“I’m here every day that it’s open,” Ms. McGee says. And if you ask her why the Center is part of her daily routine, she’ll tell you that she loves the activities and the staff.

“The staff leads us in exercises,” she says. “Not just to hold our interest, but to benefit us. They’ll teach you to walk again. They’ll teach you to speak again. They’re fabulous.”

Ms. McGee has limited mobility. The Center’s staff takes her and other Mercy LIFE participants to places that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to go, like to restaurants and the grocery store.

“I’d like to go to the zoo,” Ms. McGee adds. “That would be a nice place to go.”
From Ms. McGee’s viewpoint, all the activities at the Mercy LIFE Center “bring people back into the stream of life again.” She recommends the Center to anyone she thinks would benefit from it.

“They would enjoy it,” she says. “Their lives would widen out.”

Ms. McGee greets everyone who comes to the Center. “You literally make friends here,” she says. “Everyone is welcome.”