Published on February 07, 2014

You’re in the best hands for a delicate surgery

MFH surgeonsIf you have a neurologic condition affecting the brain or spine and need surgery on the delicate nervous system, Kevin Judy, MD, Director of the Mercy Neurosurgery program, assures you of a good outcome at Mercy Fitzgerald.

Mercy’s neurosurgery program is affiliated with Jefferson Neurosciences. As part of that collaboration, Jefferson neurosurgeons provide around-the-clock coverage at Mercy Fitzgerald.

Patients with back and leg pain that gets worse with walking and standing may be good candidates for laminectomy, explains Dr. Judy. That’s a surgical procedure that expands the spinal canal to reduce pressure on the spinal cord and surrounding nerves.

Back and neck pain caused by spinal instability can be treated with spinal fusion, when vertebrae are fused to restrict movement.

Mercy Fitzgerald neurosurgeons can also treat subdural hematomas and brain hemorrhages. Mercy Fitzgerald neurosurgeons use Stealth technology to remove brain tumors, says Dr. Judy, who has been named one of Philadelphia Magazine’s “Top Docs” from 2005 to 2013.

“It’s a device that identifies the tumor and the surrounding structures,” he explains.

Dr. Judy also offers health tips to prevent neurologic conditions, which often lead to stroke or death. He strongly recommends patients control blood pressure. Patients can prevent aneurysms by managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure and quitting smoking. “We can make a big difference in people’s lives with the things we do at Mercy Fitzgerald,” he says.

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