Published on March 01, 2016

Timely cancer care

The doctor will see you right away

You don’t mind waiting for some things, like to check out at the grocery store or to be seated at your favorite restaurant.

Dr. appointmentBut waiting to get an appointment with a doctor when you learn you have cancer? That’s definitely not something you want to do. And you won’t have to at Mercy Fitzgerald.

Most new cancer patients at Mercy Fitzgerald wait, on average, less than a day for an appointment with a doctor.

“Cancer is a scary word,” says Michele Zappile-Lucis, DPT, OCS, administrative director of Oncology. “When patients hear that word, they don’t want to wait. It really reduces their fears to see a doctor and get started on a treatment plan right away.”

At that first visit, you will meet your medical oncologist, radiation oncologist or both. If you need a surgeon, one will be there too. And a special cancer nurse navigator is available to guide you. All of these members of your team will answer your questions and help you understand your treatment options.

To make an appointment with an oncologist at Mercy Fitzgerald, call 610.237.7950.