Published on October 01, 2012

Mercy Fitzgerald retail pharmacy

New Mercy Fitzgerald Retail Pharmacy offers convenience

med bottleA full-service retail pharmacy is now open on the campus of Mercy Fitzgerald, offering convenient services for patients, employees and the community at large. The outpatient Mercy Pharmacy is located across the street from Mercy Fitzgerald on the first floor in the Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center.

“We are a full-service pharmacy for prescription drugs and offer a large selection of over-the-counter medicines, plus some health and beauty aids,” says Carrie Connahan, RPh, director, Mercy Pharmacy. “We also carry a wide range of durable medical equipment such as canes, walkers and splints.”

Mail order and e-prescriptions

“In addition to the convenient location, our pharmacy offers mail order service,” explains Carrie. “People who take medications on a regular basis can simply have them delivered to the home.” Additionally, many Mercy doctors use the e-Prescribing program, which electronically sends prescriptions to the Mercy Pharmacy. In most cases, the prescription will be ready for pickup from the Mercy Pharmacy a few minutes after being sent.

The Mercy Pharmacy accepts most major private and government insurance plans, and is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (excluding major holidays).

Home Delivery

To learn more about mail order prescription service and other Mercy Pharmacy services, call 610.237.7330.