Published on April 06, 2015

Mercy Fitzgerald is here for you

Dr. Ramachandra

When you need surgery, you need great care

The Philadelphia area has dozens of hospitals. That’s a lot of choices! How do you know which one is best when you need surgery?

Prashanth Ramachandra, MD, Chair of Surgery at Mercy Fitzgerald, talks about why the best surgical care is right here in your neighborhood.

Why should I choose Mercy Fitzgerald for my surgery?

You want a surgeon with a high level of expertise. And Mercy Fitzgerald has board-certified doctors and extremely skilled staff. We use current technology to provide high-quality care. But we offer more than that. We provide compassionate care—care that’s truly focused on the person.

Why is compassion so important?

A hospital can provide surgical care. But if the staff doesn’t understand what the patient is going through, it’s not great care. At Mercy Fitzgerald, we focus on your unique needs all the way through. After surgery, we’re committed to helping our patients heal and get well. This is essential to the recovery process.

You mentioned technology. How does that help?

In many ways. For example, high-tech services like minimally invasive surgery help you go home sooner. At Mercy Fitzgerald we use these techniques in every field, including heart and cancer surgery. Generally, that means smaller incisions, less pain and quicker recoveries for our patients.

What do I do on the day of my surgery?

We have patient navigators to help you through the entire process. That way, you won’t feel lost or alone. And we keep family members constantly informed. After you go home, your doctor will also call to see how you’re doing. So many people tell me, I've never had this happen anywhere else.