Published on July 20, 2015

How to feel less stressed

A stress-free life sounds nice.

stressed womanBut it’s far from likely. And in some ways, that’s good.

“A certain amount of stress can be motivating,” says Jeffrey Dekret, MD, Director of Psychiatry at Mercy Fitzgerald. “It can allow us to focus and to problem solve.”

The key is to keep stress in check. Too much can lead to health concerns, such as trouble sleeping or depression. Talk with your healthcare provider about the stress in your life. Together you can find healthy coping strategies.

Dr. Dekret offers some examples:

You have too much to do.

Try this

Decide what’s most important, and focus on that first. Break large tasks into smaller parts.

You’re not getting along with someone.

Try this

Express yourself—respectfully. Try to see the person’s point of view. Look for a compromise.

You’re worried about money.

Try this

Create a budget, and try to live below your means. Embrace nonmaterial joys too, like family, nature or spirituality.

You’re going through a major change (moving, retirement, divorce.

Try this

Stay connected to family and friends. Looking for ways to help others may get your mind off painful feelings.