Published on March 25, 2013

Hip fracture treatment and bone health

Last year, Mercy treated 300 patients with hip fractures.

hip illustrationIf you fracture a hip, you need prompt care provided by experienced orthopedic experts. That care is available right here in our community through a specialized bone health and fracture treatment and prevention program.

For seniors over age 65, hip fractures are common. Last year, 300 patients were treated for hip fractures throughout our system.

People who have suffered a hip fracture are at greater risk of becoming less mobile, which leads to even more health concerns. That’s why getting the right care at the right time is so important.

“Mercy has highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons to perform hip fracture surgery,” says Timothy Amann, DO, an orthopedic surgeon at Nazareth Hospital. “This includes getting you into the OR within 24 hours, when medically appropriate, and up on your feet the next day.”

Mercy doctors take steps to prevent blood clots, infection and wounds, and work to manage pain.

“We are involved in every step of care, from the ER, through surgery and recovery,” says Mercy Fitzgerald Orthopedic Surgeon Joseph Shatouhy, MD. After immediate postsurgical care, therapy helps you return to the activities of daily life.

“Our surgeons work with a team of medical doctors, nurses, case managers, home health aides and physical therapists to guide the patient from injury to full recovery,” says Dr. Menachem Meller, MD, PhD, an Orthopedic Surgeon at Mercy Philadelphia.

In fact, Mercy is expanding its hip fracture program at Mercy Fitzgerald, Nazareth Hospital and Mercy Philadelphia to help patients understand osteoporosis and bone health, and learn how to prevent another break.