Published on March 25, 2013

Get strong bones through exercise

Exercise. It’s the Best Thing for Your Bones.

women joggingWalking is the best weight-bearing exercise for people who have or are at risk of osteoporosis.

All you need to start a walking program is a pair of supportive shoes that will absorb shock as you walk. If you use a walker or cane, be sure it is sized appropriately to fit your body so you aren’t bending over when you walk.

The Bone Health Program at Mercy Fitzgerald uses exercises and educational tips based on scientific findings, says Physical Therapist Maureen Brolly. The goal is to help people enjoy the maximum quality of life.

Tips to build bone strength:

  • Stand tall. Remember to evenly distribute your weight between the heels and balls of your feet and avoid leaning forward or backward or to one side.
  • Maintain comfortable and even breathing. If you feel short of breath, slow down.
  • Set goals and keep a regular schedule. Strive to walk at least four times a week. If you can walk for only five minutes, start there and gradually build time.
  • Pay attention to pain. If it does not go away, increases with activity or requires medication, you may have an injury or even a stress fracture. Get checked by your physician.