Published on August 12, 2013

Breast reconstruction surgery close to home in Philadelphia

Dr. Archit Naik and Dr. Adam Saad explain breast reconstruction.

Archit NaikThe best time for many breast cancer patients to have reconstruction surgery is at the same time as their mastectomy, says Archit Naik, MD, a fellowship-trained breast surgeon at Mercy Fitzgerald.

After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction takes place in multiple stages, but the first stage is the most complicated.

“It is better for patients to have this initial stage completed at the time of the mastectomy so they have fewer surgeries, less anesthesia and more options for cosmetic surgery,” explains plastic and reconstructive surgeon Adam Saad, MD. “Skin retracts after surgery, so the longer we wait to do the reconstruction, the less skin we may have available.”

Immediate reconstructive surgery may also be better for a breast cancer patient’s self-esteem and self-image.

“The patient comes in with a breast and wakes up with a breast,” points out Dr. Saad. Drs. Naik and Saad determine the best cosmetic approach based on the patient’s treatment plan after mastectomy.

“The woman may decide she wants a breast reduction or enlargement; it becomes the one thing she looks forward to after surgery,” says Dr. Naik. “She’ll feel better emotionally, and there’s no question this can help her heal physically and give her a stronger will to fight.”

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