Published on July 06, 2017

When you need a little help at home

Mercy Home Health has got your back.

When you’re ready to leave the hospital but you’re not quite ready to be on your own at home, Mercy Home Health will be there.

home health patientMaybe you’ve had knee surgery and need help learning how to get in and out of the shower. Or you’ve left the hospital with a new list of medicines that you’re not sure how or when to take.

Whatever the reason, you just need a little medical help so you can stay at home.

“That’s our goal—to help patients remain independent in their homes,” says Jayne Green, MSN, RN, Regional Director of Mercy Home Health.

Sometimes that means:

  • Sending a nurse to someone’s home several times a week to care for a wound 
  • Having a nurse teach someone how to use a catheter or check a surgical drain
  • Providing home health aides to help someone with personal care

Family members can also be coached to help care for their loved ones at home.

“For instance, our nurses can teach them about the patient’s incision and how to look for signs of infection,” Jayne says.

Mercy Home Health does a full checkup on each patient referred for services.
“Then we develop a plan of care so we can manage the patient in their home,” Jayne says.

Most people are referred to Mercy Home Health by the hospital, their doctor or a nursing facility. Ask your doctor if you think you need our home health services, or simply give us a call to chat about how our services might benefit you or a family member.