Published on July 16, 2012

Staying healthy at home with Mercy

It’s not always easy to ask for help.

That was the case with Alfrieda Hines, an upbeat 93-year-old great-great-grandmother who suffers from heart ailments and lives independently.

Alfreda HinesDiagnosed with chronic heart failure and complications from a leaky heart valve, Mrs. Hines was admitted to the hospital numerous times for flare-ups in 2011. Questions plagued her; were today’s symptoms worth a call to the doctor? Should she go to the hospital? Mrs. Hines has a supportive family, but she doesn’t like to trouble them with her daily health concerns. Fortunately, she qualifies for in-home, skilled nursing care from Mercy Home Health.

With Mercy Home Health, Mrs. Hines now has a care plan that includes home visits from a nurse and daily monitoring of her vital signs. Her hospital visits have dropped significantly and her mind is more at ease. “Before I started with Mercy Home Health, I was almost panicky when certain things happened, because I’m by myself and I don’t want to worry my daughter,” says Mrs. Hines. “Just the fact that Mercy is there keeps me from worrying.”

Mrs. Hines’ daughter, Teri, says the Home Health program has been a lifeline for the whole family. “Just knowing that someone will be watching my mom’s vital signs, visiting the house, and that her doctor and nurse are a phone call away is a big relief.”

Mercy Home Health offers numerous programs beyond skilled nursing care, including physical and occupational therapy and home health aides to help patients manage basic daily functions. “Mercy Home Health evaluated my mother’s situation and found that while she could manage her own self care, she could benefit from regular clinical support,” says Teri. With the help of her nurse and also on her own, Mrs. Hines is able to check her vital signs with a daily monitoring system called Telehealth, provided through the Home Health program.

Full Range of Care

Sharon Golden, Mercy Home Health registered nurse, helps Mrs. Hines manage her medications. Sharon also makes sure that she is able to maintain the low-sodium diet that helps keep her condition under control.

“As a Home Health nurse, I have the time to educate my patients about their disease process and how to properly take their medications,” Sharon explains. “I explain any possible side effects of the medications and which health problems may warrant a call to the doctor.” Mercy Home Health also offers a variety of other in-home care support if the need arises. “We can call Mrs. Hines’ doctor directly if there is a problem,” Sharon adds. “This really helps cut down on unnecessary and stressful visits to the hospital.”

Mercy Home Health offers skilled nursing care, rehabilitative care and much more. Call 888.690.2551 for information.