Published on September 03, 2012

Safe healing at home

Yana Zhitnikov loves providing healing care with a personal touch.

And her care often means much more than medical intervention to patients like Patricia Siegle and her family.

Yana ZhitnikovWhen Mrs. Siegle left the hospital after major abdominal surgery in July, the 75-year-old had a lot of healing to do. Despite a large surgical incision that needed special care, Mrs. Siegle was determined to attend her granddaughter’s wedding only four weeks later.

Yana’s personalized, in-home nursing care helped make that goal a reality. Yana visited Mrs. Siegle at home three days a week. She helped care for the wound and taught Mrs. Siegle and her daughter, Patty Eberle, to use Wound Vac equipment. Wound Vac is an advanced healing treatment that applies negative pressure to an incision to speed healing.

“Yana obviously had a lot of experience,” says Mrs. Siegle’s daughter Patty. “It raised my comfort level, knowing that my mom was in good hands. If we had questions, I knew she would return our calls.”

Preparation For a Wedding

Mrs. Siegle became concerned that her 24-hour-a-day Wound Vac use would be a distraction at her granddaughter’s wedding. The equipment is small but is worn on a shoulder strap and makes a little noise. Yana consulted with Mrs. Siegle’s doctor and got an order to remove the Wound Vac for one day. She came over the morning of the wedding to remove the equipment and dress the wound, and ensured that it would be properly re-attached the following day. Mrs. Siegle’s family says that Yana’s care made all the difference.

Mercy Home Health’s nurses have an average of 15 years of experience. Their care allows patients to stay at home while healing from surgery or injury, or to live comfortably with chronic illness. “We are able to provide specialized care, and often can serve as the eyes and ears of your doctor,” says Yana. “Mrs. Siegle’s doctor was far away, and she couldn’t visit him frequently. He could rely on me to explain her progress and condition.”
Family Focus

The ability to participate and enjoy herself at a special event was a blessing for Mrs. Siegle, her family says. Six weeks post-surgery, the incision had completely healed. Daughter-in-law Julie Cannan-Siegle was thrilled with the care and comfort provided by Mercy Home Health. “Yana has been so kind, caring and supportive of my mother-in-law and our family. She helped keep my mother-in-law’s spirits high throughout this ordeal.”