Published on September 03, 2012

Return home with confidence

A return home from the hospital can be stressful.

A list of care instructions, upcoming doctor’s visits and new prescriptions can look like a mountain of work when your number-one job is rest and recovery. That’s where home health care professionals come into the picture.

home haelth“Home health care nurses see a wide variety of situations after hospital discharge,” says Mercy Home Health’s Yana Zhitnikov, RN, BSN, a home care specialist with over nine years of experience. “Some of our patients have had surgery, others have a new diagnosis such as diabetes or cancer.

Our role can be so important at this time, because patients are often overwhelmed. We reconcile the medications, check in with the primary care doctor and make sure that the transition from hospital to home is smooth. We answer questions and provide skilled care. We can address changes in your condition before they result in unnecessary hospitalization.”

Service Specialists

Mercy Home Health’s licensed professionals include physical and occupational therapists, social workers, spiritual counselors and home health aides. In-home telemonitoring allows a remote daily check of vital signs to help keep chronic disease under control. “At Mercy Home Health, our patients come first,” says Yana. “And our program is set up so that we can take the best care of them.”

We Deliver

Ask how Mercy Home Health can help after a new medical diagnosis or hospitalization. Call 1.888.690.2551.