Published on October 07, 2016

Q&A: Watching over you

Monitoring program helps patients stay healthy

telehealth patientDid you know that Mercy Home Health has a program that can send your vital signs—from the comfort of your home—directly to a nurse? The Telehealth Monitoring program makes sure someone is looking out for your care seven days a week.

“This is a service that comes at no charge for certain patients with Mercy Home Health,” says Peg Conway, RN, Telehealth Manager and a nurse for over 30 years.

So how does the program work, and who can take advantage of it? Peg answers questions about this important service.

Q: What is the Telehealth Monitoring program?

People with diseases such as heart failure and certain other chronic conditions check their vital signs and weight every day at home. Easy-to-use equipment like a blood pressure cuff and digital scale record the information and transmit it through a device called a telestation over a phone to a Mercy Home Health nurse. The nurse can see the information on a screen, check for any possible problems and respond accordingly.

Q: How can this service help patients?

It helps keep people from being readmitted to the hospital by catching health problems, like blood pressure that is too high, early. It also teaches patients how to manage their health better. They learn more about their symptoms and medications.

Q: How does someone enroll in the program?

Certain high-risk patients are identified by Mercy Home Health personnel to receive the service. The best way to learn more is to talk to your Mercy healthcare provider.

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