Published on February 06, 2012

Mercy Home Health telemonitoring eases minds, promotes independence

Chronic heart conditions can be a daily source of worry.

Do today’s symptoms warrant a call to the doctor? Will I have to be re-hospitalized? Can mom live at home with heart failure?

telemonitoring homeTelemonitoring can lessen these worries and encourage a healthy lifestyle, and has been proven to help prevent re-hospitalization. At Mercy Home Health, telemonitoring is a free service for qualified patients with cardiac conditions that require daily monitoring.

“Our telemonitoring system wirelessly connects a landline phone to three easy-to-use measurement devices,” says David Dolt, RN, BSN, CCRN, Telehealth Services coordinator at Mercy Home Health. “Every morning, our patients step on a scale, put on a blood pressure cuff and use a fingertip pulse ox device that measures pulse oxygen saturation and heart rate. The information is transmitted directly to one of our three trained Telehealth nurses.”

“This allows us to catch trouble before it starts, even if a home visit is not scheduled that day,” Dolt adds. “This daily health snapshot also gives their doctor an important picture of vital sign trends. Our patients feel in control of their health and independent in their own home.”

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