Published on October 14, 2013

Mercy Home Health: By your side from hospital to home

Where patient care always comes first.

home healthFrom the moment patients enter the hospital to the day they are discharged and sent home, Mercy Home Health is there to support them through that transitional period.

Therapy services are a vital part of recovery from any illness, injury or surgery. At different points in treatment, therapy has different goals, explains Deborah Ludwig, PT, Manager of Rehab Services at Mercy Home Health.

“In the hospital, the emphasis is on safe mobility so patients can transition to the next level, whether it’s skilled nursing, inpatient rehab or home,” Ludwig says.

Inpatient therapy allows the patient’s condition to stabilize, with more intensive rehab five to seven days per week at a Mercy healthcare center. The goal, Ludwig notes, is to transition the patient home safely at a higher level of independence.

Once a patient is home, outpatient therapy may be included in the treatment plan. Patients who need advanced therapy to maximize balance, for example, or find relief from lingering pain may visit am outpatient rehab center several times a week.

“Not every patient requires every level of therapy,” Ludwig says. “Doctors and therapists work together with patients to determine rehab needs and help them regain maximum mobility, strength, and balance.”

Mercy Home Health therapists provide hands-on care and a plan of exercises for patients to do on their own every day further building their confidence and independence.

“With a constant network of support and encouragement patients are more likely to have better outcomes and return to their normal every day routine,” Ludwig says. “Whether that’s going back to work, out to dinner, to church or simply taking a walk, rehab therapy can be extremely beneficial.”