Published on March 01, 2019

Meet our new oncologist

Being diagnosed with cancer can be scary.

Rajesh ThirumaranOncologist Rajesh Thirumaran, MD, MRCP (UK), truly understands that. “I try to see every patient within 24 hours of their diagnosis,” he says. “No one with cancer should sit at home worrying and waiting to see a doctor.”

Dr. Raj—that’s how he introduces himself—is a new arrival at Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia. Last fall, he joined the medical staff as Director of Infusion Services at the Cancer Center.

Dr. Raj is not new, however, to treating people with cancer. He’s practiced locally for a decade, helping thousands of adults fight cancer and saving many lives.

Besides years of experience, Dr. Raj comes to Mercy with excellent training. It includes a dual fellowship in oncology/hematology at Lankenau Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson University.

What attracted Dr. Raj to the Mercy Cancer Center? Besides its state-of-the-art care, the hospital has “an entire team that puts patients first,” he says.

The latest and best care

Dr. Raj treats most cancers. And for appropriate patients, that treatment includes the latest advances in immunotherapy. These breakthroughs use the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells.

“Immunotherapies have dramatically extended the lives of people with cancer who otherwise might have died in months,” Dr. Raj says.

If you’re his patient, you can count on a doctor who will help you understand all your treatment options. “That’s a crucial part of what I do every day,” Dr. Raj says.